Keith D. Kosco

is a longtime sales and marketing professional of the Williamsburg, VA, area

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Keith D. Kosco is a longtime sales and marketing professional of the Williamsburg, VA, area. Currently, Kosco provides team leadership and client-focused solutions as Marketing Director at Pool Brokers USA, an in-ground pool business with customers in 33 states across the country.

An experienced sales and marketing specialist with proven leadership skill, Kosco works tirelessly to understand client needs and match homeowners with high-quality fiberglass pool solutions that fit their needs, budget, and lifestyle.

A results-driven sales and marketing strategist, Keith D. Kosco maintains the commitment, work ethic, and focus needed to connect clients with quality solutions and consistently deliver a customer experience that’s second-to-none in his industry.

Kosco’s dedication to great solutions and amazing service have not only set him apart in his field, but have garnered him considerable recognition and praise from clients, colleagues and employers throughout his career.

His ability to navigate challenges and deliver bottom-line results has even earned Kosco such coveted awards as a Million Dollar Sales Award and a Top Volume Award, demonstrating a consistent client-first approach key to next-level performance.

A longtime resident of Northern Virginia, Keith D. Kosco aims to support his community and those in need in any way possible. Kosco not only makes regular financial donations to such institutions as The Salvation Army and St. Jude children’s Research Hospital but also supports his local church’s efforts to feed and care for the local homeless population.

Additionally, Kosco regularly donates Food Lion gift cards to people in need.

Keith D. Kosco is originally from Northern Virgina and a graduate of the nearby James Madison University School of Business. He is the single father of two children and enjoys such activities as cooking, running, working out, and fishing in his free time.

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